Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting some work done


I really want to get these dice (die, whatever the correct term is) done before I go to New Orleans in two weeks for my bestie's bachelorette party. Partly because I want to get this project off my plate and partly in paranoia that if I don't bring it down with me myself it will get ruined by mailing it. So I got everything cut out today which is a relief!


Now to tackle the numbers...I think I've figured out what particular font it is but it's the matter of do I paint or just cut them out of paper....although painting would be faster I think, if I cut it out of paper it'll be more precise I think. I have plenty of paper left over too so we'll see how much energy I have left to do it.

Also I have a sneak preview of a secret project I'm in the middle of. I am so so excited to show it off as it is themed and everything totally works together.


And to make up for the tease is a few pictures of my last Teesha Moore style pillow that was entered in the most recent Craftster.org challenge. I'm really happy I decided to do something other than a bag which is what I'm known for (and what I hope to sell in my future etsy shop!), and I hope to continue expanding to other accessories and decor items.



And my favorite panels =)



Have a great day!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The biggest dice I've ever seen...

So I put on my to-do list a while back make some giant D&D dice replicas for a friend's wedding. They're going to be hung from rafters in her gaming themed wedding =) Super geeky and I love it. This is an interesting challenge since normally I am not at all a precision crafter; I'm more of a "where the mood takes me" crafter for sure. But considering I'm constructing these replicas from solid sheets of paper it takes a lot more measuring than I'm accustomed to. Anyway, I've got one set done for the most part, here's a quick preview shot of two of them.


The ruler is there to give you an idea of the scale. I'm still puzzling over how to put the numbers on there...I'm leaning towards paint but it makes me a little nervous that it could smear and make all sorts of mess....if not paint then I'll just cut out paper I guess. First I need to do the rest of the shapes!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midweek Review

Remember that list I posted a few days ago? Well I've been somewhat successful at sticking to it....and a lot not as is usually the case.

Item 1: I did finish my stenciled shirt for the HP movie! I love Alan Rickman and omg his role in the last film is heartbreaking and awesome so I am glad I chose to feature him on my shirt. I'm not sure how I feel about the bright primary colors but in any case it is one of a kind and it stands out. I cut out the stencils but when I went to dig out a plain shirt in my closet I found that I only had long sleeved ones! Which would not do since it's been 90+ degrees outside this week. I know I get cold easily but even that would be too much for me. So I recycled one of my thrifted shirts that was kind of a rock and roll skull with rats and snakes on it....it felt pretty appropriate given that Death Eaters are all about the dark side and could be pretty rock and roll at times.


Another thing I was able to accomplish was a felt owl post hoop that I've been meaning to make for my dear friend Nicole for the longest time. I knew it wouldn't take long to put together but kept postponing it. But with my antsy anticipation of seeing the movie on Tuesday I had HP on the brain hardcore and was finally inspired to get it done. Of course I didn't realize I ran out of white felt for the clouds but I improvised with white fabric instead and I think it worked out ok. I haven't seen this on any other owl post hoops but I added a howler envelope too which I think gives it just the right pop of color, not to mention an additional story to the scene. I wonder whose getting that one?


That's all the HP stuff for now. I have to admit that I've kind of abandoned my list for now since I've totally been inspired to start another HP inspired surprise for Nicole....it's one of those things that is just going to keep bugging me until I get it done. But I think she will love it and I'm going to have a ton of fun making it. I'll keep you guys posted on that progress and maybe sneak in some work-in progress pictures.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ok, time to share my to-do list!

I am one of those people that need the reassuring check box to mark when I've accomplished something. I regularly make lists to make sure I'm not forgetting something or to prioritize my efforts throughout a given period of time. Thus the list! Here's what I have right now...

1. Design some logos for a personal swap! (I've been putting this one off for a while =/)
2. Sketch out a plan for my plate for ceramics class (oh! btw I'm in college for an Art degree if you didn't know ;))
3. Create a set of rescaled up Dungeons and Dragon dice for my best friend's wedding (gaming themed) - I can't get the time off to actually go to the wedding which really bums me out but I want to do as much as I can to make her day really special.
4. Stencil a Snape shirt to wear to Harry Potter!!! I can't wait til Tuesday!
5. Make an anatomical heart hoop for myself.
6. Make a mini faux deer head from paper templates - so cute and funny.

That's the short list. Though now that I'm looking at it, right now I'm in progress on the stenciled shirt, and am really tempted to start either the deer head or heart hoop after that.....I seriously need to get myself on track and not be led off by things that sound like more fun!

Off to work on the stencils some more!

To make this post a little prettier I'll include a never-before seen picture of a couple of altered projects I did a while back. Hope you guys like it!



A new beginning...

Dear Internet, 

It has been many years since I've put any effort into maintaining a blog. I find myself wanting to do this again after so long as a way to record my efforts and steps towards finding my creative self, which will culminate and grow into a self-made business I hope (crossing fingers!). I have so much to share and I hope hope hope I can find many friends to rejoice with along the way!

Here goes nothing!

My main goals for this blog are to:

-Check in once a week at least! (I can be such a blabber mouth it may be more hah); I'll let you know what projects I'm working on and what is going right or disastrously wrong!
-I'll be posting lots of pictures of what I make and hopefully make a few tutorials too!
-Log the progress of my little business which is set to roll out end of April 2012!

It will be awesome! I promise.
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