Saturday, June 29, 2013

Patches patches everywhere

I gave myself permission after the holidays to take a break from making my patchwork bags because it is so very time intensive. The problem was that I had a hard time getting back into making them and my shop stock is running rather low! Thankfully I was requested to make a bag for Jennie (as seen in this post) that really allowed me to stretch my imagination to create new patches, which turned out to be exactly what I needed.

So now I'm back on the patch-making bandwagon and am clearly obsessed with it since I have piles of done patches and I'm still going strong. Evidence can be seen in the picture below. I can't seem to work any other way, than to go crazy with patch and bag making, and then need a few months off to just collect my wits about me before starting the process all over again.

 photo P1040939_zpsa3bd03c9.jpg

I took some shots of some of my favorite patches so far. All completely random - though in the back of my mind I am thinking one bag is going to be crafty themed, and another is going to be sort of a spooky, monsters/skeletons/etc type of bag. And then however many random bags that might come of all the patches I've been working on.

The make do and mend one isn't soooo special but I am in love with how thick and perfect the ampersand came out. Of course the steampunk/robot lady is awesome and I used up the last few cogs I had in my stash (obviously calls for another trip to the craft store with coupon in hand). The bird is just cute, and the weird face patch is just neat - also I'm trying to use up some of my green embroidery floss - I have a decent amount of it that never seems to be whittled down.

 photo P1040944_zpse2d2c27d.jpg

Here is an interesting experiment with some appliqued fabric which I haven't done a whole lot of. There's lace, buttons, a key, and some stamping as well. It's rather fanciful I think.

 photo P1040942_zpsf0959d82.jpg

Here are two felt pieces. The little bear guy is just so precious, and the seam ripper is destined for that crafty bag.

 photo P1040943_zpsc631be02.jpg

A few more. I am obsessed with the polka dot one with all the french knots...its very organic and textural. So lovely.

 photo P1040941_zps2b4c6af9.jpg

i can't wait to see how this all comes together but it'll be a while yet. I'm not tired of making patches yet!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Octopus Obsession? There's a tutorial for that!

I have been so consumed by the fabric-y embroidery screenprinting -ness of it all, that I thought a change of pace might be in order. I was browsing some of my old old files and rediscovered one of the very first tutorials I have ever made and thought I should definitely share here. Please please forgive the rather rotten pictures; they are at least clear enough to illustrate my point as I progress.

Who doesn't love tentacly goodness? Who would love to make their own? Me! =) Here's a quick and simple tute on how to make a wrapped tentacle pendant with poly clay and a flat glass marble you can pick up at any dollar store.

 photo 148681_4_octo_zps391faf98.jpg

For this particular pendant I made, I flattened out a circle of clay to lay the glass piece on. I then made logs tapering at one end and pressed them against the circle to form sort of a starfish type of shape. Then I pushed the flat marble into the center.

 photo 148681_1_octo_zps401f1e39.jpg

The suckers themselves were just small balls of clay flattened on the logs. I used the pointy of a protractor to make a hole in each one as I pressed it down. You don't have to press too hard or go all the way through. Especially the smaller the suckers, the more likely it will not want to come off the tip of your pointy tool!

 photo 148681_2_octo_zpsddae1b1a.jpg

After putting on all the suckers, I carefully twisted the legs around the glass marble. The clay is pretty flexible so don't be afraid to play. But go slowly for sure to make sure the clay is stretching rather than breaking off.

 photo 148681_3_octo_zps701b756f.jpg

After baking, I finished it off by mixing modge podge and pearl ex to give the suckers an iridescent sheen. After letting that dry I modge podged the whole thing and then covered it with a coat of spray gloss. I left the back untouched so there wouldn't be any stickiness to the skin. I glued a bail to the back as well.

 photo 148681_5_octo_fin_zpsc84d30ff.jpg

Here's some earrings I made in the same style.

 photo 148681_octo_earring_fin_zps720c2982.jpg

 photo 148681_octo_earring_right_zps01757209.jpg

Hope you have fun making your own tentacles! =)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A new kind of bag

Yay, another item I can share with you guys finally!

I made this bag for Jennie Ingram incorporating as much of her loves and interests as possible. I had so much fun making it. It was really refreshing coming up with new ideas for patches that center around a specific person, and I really really hope I can get the chance to do it again (*hint hint* to anyone who wants a custom bag).

Some themes captured in this bag: Harry Potter and Doctor Who (of course), steampunk, tea, celtic knots, flying keys and clocks, art nouveau, crafting, etc. Even with all the different themes I think the bag becomes a cohesive unit and I love it!

 photo P1040661_zps54e075ff.jpg

 photo P1040662_zpsade05a1d.jpg

 photo P1040665_zps25c9270d.jpg

 photo P1040667_zps4e1ba55d.jpg

 photo 153888_05Jun13_IMG_20130605_163633_zpse17e0b01.jpg

 photo P1040460_zpsf45ec4be.jpg

 photo P1040452_zpsa340cc81.jpg

 photo P1040450_zps7b7353f5.jpg

 photo P1040449_zps1810b8ca.jpg

 photo 153888_05Jun13_IMG_20130605_163714_zps8d70c951.jpg

 photo 153888_05Jun13_IMG_20130605_163641_zps5ef447e2.jpg

 photo P1040671_zps7f948145.jpg

 photo P1040669_zpsf0942d5b.jpg

 photo P1040668_zps5985a160.jpg

 photo P1040670_zpsbb930d7d.jpg

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I've made a HUGE mistake!

I gave this awesome wall hanging away! What was I thinking?!

 photo P1040655_zps67465c29.jpg

 photo P1040660_zpsd72aa618.jpg

 photo P1040659_zpsed8d6cdb.jpg

 photo P1040658_zpsf4d6b8aa.jpg

 photo P1040657_zps8b73fbf0.jpg

If you don't recognize the quotes, this is inspired by the hilarious show that is Arrested Development. I've only recently become a fan, but I would highly suggest the show to anyone who loves to laugh.
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