Saturday, July 27, 2013

A little Rusty Assemblage and a Wintery Sneak Peek!

Assemblage has always been a challenge for me. I tend to want to overwhelm a piece with a bunch of different components so restraint is something that doesn't come naturally to me. But I think the more I work on these the better I get at picking the great moments to feature and holding back on a bunch of unnecessary clutter.

Case in point: I made this little assemblage with some stuff I had around the house. Sweet and simple; I had a bunch more cogs and gears I was thinking to add on but decided against it in the end.

 photo P1050003_zpsc3b7274f.jpg

 photo P1050006_zps10d98e0f.jpg

 photo P1050009_zpsfa2f202c.jpg

Annnnndddd.....I finally have started on a Game of Thrones bag! I'm excited to see how it turns out. Some of my favorite patches so far:

 photo P1050131_zpsc38d320d.jpg

 photo P1050132_zps248b00a0.jpg

 photo P1050130_zpsab9eb870.jpg

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making Messes is How I get It Done

I really can't seem to get much accomplished unless I make the biggest mess possible. I feel like I have to have all my supplies at hand and the follow picture is evidence to this statement...

 photo P1040986_zpsf781c097.jpg

I've been working on some mess making recently and although I'm not ready to show finished pictures yet, here are some super awesome close-ups of some really fantastic textures.

 photo P1050011_zps482745b2.jpg

 photo P1050018_zps5fc62432.jpg

 photo P1050019_zpse3b00355.jpg

 photo P1050014_zps06597d0d.jpg

Friday, July 12, 2013

Doctor Who, a new Generation

I've slowly gotten to the point with my patches where I think I'm about done making them, and I'm ready to start assembling. That is a slow process and so far I have 4 bag parts put together so when I get through these I'll have a bunch of new stock for the shop! Plus I still have enough patches to assemble at least 3 or 4 more! But I must admit, I have put this gigantor project aside to work on a few side projects this week.

I was commissioned by a lovely lady to make a Doctor Who bag for her daughter's birthday. I was skeptical that I would be able to finish it in time, but of course when I throw myself into a project it goes a lot faster and I got it done inside of a week! This is not typical; it definitely helped that I had some of the patches already pre-done. Take note! I have some new reference patches - some from the older seasons and a few from the most recent. (For any DW fans, I must say that the new companion is spunky, but I'm not in love with her yet...time will tell). Only the Rory patch didn't make it on the final bag; it got switched out for some sunflowers that fit a bit better =)

 photo P1040995_zpsb8fd7c27.jpg

 photo P1040996_zpsc2db3802.jpg

 photo P1040962_zpsedfd6c05.jpg

 photo P1040961_zps00885a7b.jpg

 photo P1040956_zpsf7295cb3.jpg

 photo P1040957_zps82f607f2.jpg

 photo P1040960_zpsd714a7b1.jpg

 photo P1040958_zpsb7ece91b.jpg

 photo P1040955_zps4f457f17.jpg

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Limited Edition Fat Quarters

I recently hosted a swap on craftster where the idea was to print FQs for your partner. Guess I'm obsessed enough with screen printing my own FQs that I want to make everyone else do it now too haha. Anyway, here a few custom designed prints I made with specific people in mind. I loved pushing myself to do printing I might not normally do for myself. It's also a great way to brainstorm new ideas for prints for my shop =)

 photo P1040674_zps52d4cb30.jpg

 photo P1040644_zpsac1f6e8c.jpg

 photo P1040645_zps846ce1e3.jpg

 photo P1040640_zps04c7cb02.jpg

 photo P1040641_zpsd0e06fb9.jpg

 photo P1040638_zps0123b415.jpg

 photo P10406389_zps66dd8cde.jpg
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