Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rambles and Teases

I think the past week and a half has been my longest radio silence yet, and I do apologize! I have the supreme luck every so often of clicking on just the wrong thing and screwing up my computer utterly. But I do have a boyfriend that is very handy with computers and computer problems and he's helping me to fix this issue. But in the meantime I had to drag out my old dusty laptop that had sat alone in a box for years, and thankfully it seems to be holding up ok.

In any case, life has been a blur of a lot of working as of late, with a bit of crafting and creating spiced in. Still not a whole lot I can show you until the projects in question are received but I can tease with some macro shots that pretty much in no way reveal the end product. =)

 photo P1040630_zps0d4d7b40.jpg

 photo P1040629_zpsfc2ef8f6.jpg

 photo P1040628_zps2eabd7ee.jpg

I think I'll probably be very productive this week and I'm planning on mailing some stuff out so you'll be able to see full project pictures soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday night ramblings

It really kind of sucks to not be able to share all the awesome projects I'm working on now with you guys. Just keep in mind that awesomeness is definitely coming to a blog post near you! In other news, I did my first craft show with Nicole last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I managed to scramble together a decent set up and here's how my side of the table turned out..

I found an peculiar little doll bed frame that turned out to be perfect for displaying my printed Fat quarters. A little bit of spray paint later, it was ready to go.

 photo P1040461_zps49b63619.jpg

I also scored the most awesome business card holder at the same thrift store that was completely made for me.

 photo Untitled-1-9_zpse9b132dd.jpg

(I'm not sure what the pink theme is all about. I am so not a "pink" girl but it keeps turning up!...Oh well, I kind of like it.....a little.)

And a close up of my Fat quarters all laid out. About half of them are brand new and will start popping up in my etsy shop as soon as I can get a moment to get all the pictures organized and get listings made.

 photo 945897_10151577645250095_1979995083_n_zpscf4e20c4.jpg

I have more screen printing plans in the future, with ambitions for multi-layered prints!! Let's see how ambitious I can get. =)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

List making time!!

It boggles the mind how much I have to try to do this week. So to try to organize my thoughts, and hopefully give me a little method to my madness I'm going to make a list of everything I need to do before next Saturday. Why Saturday......wellllll, I've been invited to sell at a local craft show!! Nicole of the ever-talented Curious Goods and I were supposed to hang out but she got the opportunity to vend and being the sweetheart that she is, she invited me along to hang out and put some of my stuff on her table with her!

In response to this I said of course immediately. It's awesome. But my mind has been blown with all of the elaborate set ups you can create to display items...and I only have a limited time to pull this off. Definitely a trip to the dollar store is planned for today, and possibly to Joanns....

So list...

1. shirts, bags - Need price tags - my boss at work has a giant room dedicated to her crafting and she offered to let me borrow some of her punches so I'll hopefully get that tomorrow at work and then punch and stamp and decorate away so that I can put them on the bags and shirts I'm bringing.

2. cards - I need cellophane envelopes to put them in so they look a little nicer. When I package them to ship out from my etsy I do have bags for that but it wouldn't look quite as nice when selling the cards individually as the bags are too big for that.

3. art prints - I have quite a few smaller sized art prints that are good to go but I need to get some sort of display stand to denote how much they cost.

4. FQS - I am almost done with a massive effort to make a bunch of new FQs. At my count now I have over 20 and I have 3 more designs at least that I want to do a couple of. So those need to be finished, washed, edges cut, ironed and then comes the big question: how do I display them? I thought about trying to imitate FQs you'd buy in the store wrapped around a piece of cardboard...but I think I might just fold it up neatly and then have a paper wrapper to go around the whole thing with my logo and washing instructions on it......I'm not sure. We'll see what it looks like when I do a mock up.

5. pouches - I need a container of some sort since these don't have a strap I could hang them up with. Probably a basket or whatever looks good at the dollar store.

6. business card holder - or something of the sort to put my business cards in...I know we have extra to spare at work, but those are so boring...still thinking on this one.

7. logo banner - I'm so happy and relieved that I already made this item. In the back of my mind I always thought it'd work out well as a display banner if I ever started to vend at craft shows. I do need to finish it though - the edges are still raw and I need some way to hang it or tie it up. And I can't get the thought of some pompom ribbon sewn to the edge of it. We'll see if that wins out.

And this list doesn't even count the 3 or 4 projects I'm knee deep in the middle of that I need to have finished by the end of the month! I decided that on the days that I work (which tend to be the days I'm more likely to slack off and do nothing just due to being tired) I am determined to at least accomplish an hour or two worth of work towards these projects just to try to make a little progress. I'd like to think I'm pretty good when under pressure of a deadline.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I must be getting old

I spent the day slowly hurting every part of my body which is a bit unfortunate as I lay on the couch now, my back refusing to relax and uncramp. Why, you ask? Let's see, I'm getting back outside as the weather is getting nice (FINALLY) to walk/jog which is making all sorts of muscles rebel, and screen printing for a good portion of the day takes its toll. Oh yeah, and then piecing together a patchwork bag for a fantastic lady which unfortunately requires me to sit on the floor for a good while bending over painfully. I swear I used to have a body that didn't complain so much. In any case, I offer pictures!

I know I said before that I seriously need to restock my shop and the first thing on my list is Fat quarters. I got a few done today, though not as many as I'd like. I left everything out and ready to go so I can hopefully do some more screen printing this weekend. I have a few new original prints in the works as well. I'm curious to see how those sell.

On the drying rack..

 photo P1040447_zpsb5e674c3.jpg

And a hint to another print I will hopefully be debuting soon...

 photo 0d76d3f8a48d233fd2df74481ecdb7cb_zps782493c3.jpg

I wish I could share more but pretty much all my projects on the go are surprises for some crafty friends and I don't want to spoil it here if they're reading. Til the next time!
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