Saturday, July 5, 2014

More stitching.

I am obsessed. I'm not sure if I feel it is a problem because I am having too much fun with it. All 2 inches or smaller.

 photo P1060006_zpscc8fc1c9.jpg

 photo P1060010_zpsa50b6f8e.jpg

 photo P1060008_zps89290ff6.jpg

 photo P1060028_zps4fe48eb7.jpg

 photo P1060017_zps717b58ee.jpg

 photo P1060013_zps3eee068b.jpg

 photo P1060021_zps18a4d789.jpg

 photo P1060024_zpsee0db821.jpg

 photo P1060031_zpsf31b7217.jpg

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nothing quite as soothing as stitching

I have been pretty much consumed by embroidery lately. I love experimenting with stumpwork techniques to give even more layer and dimension to what I work on....and in the last week I've come down with a really annoying case of vertigo which makes it tough to move around too much without getting really dizzy, so I've parked it on the couch with my fabric and floss, a needle ready to go, and gone stitch crazy. Some of these were made for other people, some were made just for me, and at some point I think some will end up in my etsy shop as an experiment to see if anyone would like to buy that sort of thing. They're all 2" square (so far - I will challenge myself to go smaller!). There is definitely a more natural flora and fauna type of thing going on in a lot of the squares...I'm not sure if I'll purposely keep going in that direction but we'll see.

 photo P1050947_zpsfbd96e64.jpg

 photo P1050957_zps42ecd6a1.jpg

 photo P1050954_zps3446b93c.jpg

 photo P1050958_zpsd80cf4f7.jpg

 photo P1050959_zps360abd7c.jpg

 photo P1050971_zpsca308572.jpg

 photo P1050961_zps62813ca7.jpg

 photo P1050975_zpsa6b17aa0.jpg

 photo P1050992_zps395a8641.jpg

 photo P1050979_zpsc601e7ed.jpg

 photo P1050994_zps58d16842.jpg

 photo P1060003_zpsccbc18b2.jpg

There will be more...oh yes, there will be more.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I really wish I knew how to type out the Super Mario theme song for this title...

...because it would be so appropriate for the most recent bag I've created!!


 photo P1050780_zps94307491.jpg

 photo P1050778_zps783badb0.jpg

I swapped recently with an awesome lady in Canada who loves videogames, and more specifically Mario. Mario is my old school gaming jam!....and really my only gaming jam...I have always had a hard time getting into other games overly much (with the exception of Super Nintendo's Donkey Kong and the subsequent permutations!) but Mario always was fun to play and totally engrossing. So I loved the chance to tackle a new theme, and especially one I could relate to so well.

 photo P1050781_zps761ec7f4.jpg

 photo P1050782_zpse72c41bb.jpg

I even went as far as to custom print the lining for the bag!

 photo P1050742_zps94b597e9.jpg

Once I finished making the bag, I had to keep going on the patches because I was having too much fun. My partner is also a huge Zelda fan, so I had to make some patches for that. I did have a little help on those from my boyfriend since he is apparently the Zelda authority in our home (and I know almost nothing except what I was able to glean from the internet) but I love how the came out anyway, and I think they were very much appreciated.

 photo P1050783_zpsfd1507ab.jpg

 photo P1050784_zpsaaac9e88.jpg

 photo P1050785_zps05339334.jpg

Lesson learned? Let me make you an awesome bag of your own of a theme you love!! I want to do it!!

Embroidery, my longtime love

I've been busy these last few months. I apologize for not keeping up here. Can I make it up with a funtime photodump? I'm wondering if I should try putting some embroidery pieces in my shop just for shits and giggles, to see if anyone would be interested in buying..Anyway onto the photos.

 photo P1050842_zpsd0f2fb36.jpg

 photo P1050841_zpse0255a12.jpg

 photo P1050867_zps75d2c533.jpg

 photo P1050868_zpsa2d8ef02.jpg

 photo 330_zps6cafff24.jpg

 photo 331_zps63dc8387.jpg

 photo 332_zps48ff0e7c.jpg

 photo 327_zpsc4b9dda7.jpg

 photo 326_zpsdb037da0.jpg

 photo 325_zps234c40ed.jpg

 photo 324_zpsad0ee3fe.jpg

 photo 323_zps82f60edd.jpg

 photo 321_zps453b5db4.jpg

 photo 315_zps22e6598b.jpg

 photo 316_zps20a2e761.jpg

 photo 329_zps7b8639b7.jpg

 photo 328_zps0ff645cc.jpg

The next month and half are not likely to be any less busy. We're moving to a new apartment mid-July so that'll involve packing up most of our crap and schlepping it to the new place. But I will enjoy destashing and getting rid of all the junk cluttering our lives that we never use. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Thank You is long overdue.

I've been attempting to sell the things I make for 2 years now. I know I have accomplished more than I thought I would when starting this out, and that I still have a lot more to learn. But it would mean nothing without all the beautiful people that support me and give me words of encouragement to keep going. Because of that, faithful reader, I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are one of the reasons I continue to play and create and explore the limits of my imagination and what I can do. So for the month of May I want to offer you a coupon to my etsy shop. 20% off your total purchase using the code 20HAPPY. Thank you so much for just being there.

Also, just one of those pesky little learning things...I got an email a few weeks ago via etsy regarding my Hunger Game themed bags...Essentially it was a cease and desist order from Lionsgates Films. Of course I took down the bags from my shop right away, but I found it very curious that I was asked to do that and yet there are tons and tons of shops on etsy that continue to carry products that are essentially Hunger Games themed as well. I'm certainly not one to begrudge anyone else the right to sell their stuff, but why me? Anyway, these bags are still available for sale though I won't be relisting them on etsy. If you're interested in purchasing them please send me a private email to, price will be negotiable, and payment will be accepted through paypal. Here are some pictures to refresh your memory of the awesomeness that is the Hunger Games...

Bag 1:

 photo HGGirlFire5_zps30bb41f1.jpg

 photo HGGirlFire2_zps00e72128.jpg

 photo HGGirlFire4_zps6600238c.jpg

 photo HGGirlFire3_zps04cb2447.jpg

Bag 2:

 photo HGKatBirds1_zps8e7d4e57.jpg

 photo HGKatBirds5_zps02f688b5.jpg

 photo HGKatBirds2_zps1e29ccfc.jpg

 photo HGKatBirds3_zps9907ba9a.jpg

Thanks again so much for all the love and support. You guys are the best!
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