Friday, January 31, 2014

Pretty Baubles Round your Neck

Still working on the bags. Almost done with phase 2 (making all the individual patches). After today I think I'll move on to the initial stages of assembly! It's pretty exciting though I must admit I'm kind of itching to move on to a different project. But I'll keep with it til they're done and then take a break. In any case, here's some stuff I made before I started to tackle this beast of a project.

More baubles all for me. Simplicity can be beauty.
 photo P1050533_zps0cc40b26.jpg photo P1050544_zpsff03635c.jpg photo P1050537_zps431fb14c.jpg

This one is special as all the beads were in my stash for a long time. I loved them so much but never knew quite how to use them to really show off their beauty...until now.
 photo P1050540_zps1a8c4d4f.jpg

This is another one that has special meaning to me. The focal pendant is recycled from some beautifully hideous earrings that my mom had forever. On my last visit home she gave them to me but there was no way I was actually going to wear them as earrings (not to mention as earrings they are ridiculously heavy). So I snipped the post off the back off one of the earrings and glued on a lovely brass filigree piece and then put this together. I do love the asymmetry of it.
 photo P1050542_zps7e3eee23.jpg

Beads are fun....when you're not dropping and losing them...or spilling them. Haha.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My hands are slowly transforming into gnarled claws..

And by gnarled claws I mean bent and crippled with severe overuse in the last week and a half since starting up this massive bag project...It's not always this bad but when I have a whole day off I want to use my time hands have other ideas however. I might have to lay off the stitching today. But look at what I've done so far!

 photo P1050547_zps034312d9.jpg

I've also renewed my love for making jewelry, pretty much just for myself. Maybe I'll try posting some pieces to sell just to see if anything happens. I don't know. I made this wine cork necklace recently for a lady in California who likes eclectic statement pieces. I thought it was pretty unique...had just the right lace for it. I ended up modge podging it to the cork.

 photo Untitled-1_zpsae3c14cb.jpg

 photo P1050522_zps200c9cd3.jpg

I've also, unsurprisingly, been watching a lot of TV and movies while stitching so I thought I could play "What has Emma been watching this week?" and suggest some good things to watch (it helps if you have Netflix since a lot of what I watch comes from there)...

So last week I watched a documentary called Blackfish which focuses on the killer whales of Seaworld. I was stunned though not surprised that the overall summary was basically that by putting this wild animals into captivity it makes them go crazy and behave in violent and shocking manners. It's sad but very interesting and I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

Let's see... I also watched House of Cards which is exclusive on Netflix..I find it funny that I enjoyed it so much because it is a hardcore political drama but it stars Kevin Spacey who is so so good. I read somewhere that his character is despicable and a horrible person but I don't hate him at all. His character reminds me somewhat of a sharper version of himself on American Beauty. Anyway, I'd also say, watch this!

Oh, I forgot to post this scoodie I made last month. It was destined to be a Christmas present for a friend but when I discovered that she received one exactly like it from another friend I decided to keep it...I'm not sure what to do with it now...just wait til the perfect recipient comes along I suppose. It is really cute and funny.

 photo P1050494_zpsb471a42d.jpg

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm still kicking!

Merry Christmas, well wishes, happy new year and all that junk! The holiday season is just about up and all of that Christmas crafting is put on hold until next year. I did manage to cobble together an ugly Christmas sweater as mentioned in my last post but sadly it was a bit of a last minute effort...I am a bit disappointed in myself to be honest - I can sometimes be crippled with an overabundance of enthusiasm that burns out quickly into boredom and a lack of's a weird cycle I know. In any case, I'll share pictures once I get the sweater back home - I am proud to say it does light up at least!

Now I'm trying to get refocused on my etsy shop and of course that means major bag production. I am in the beginning stages of making a whole slew of fandom themed bags, including Doctor Who and Harry potter of course - but expanding out! Some I've done before, and a couple whole new fandoms! So far I've filled up an entire tote bag with patches waiting to be embellished and I've still got more to stuff before I got to the next phase. I'm pretty psyched though! It'll be a while before they're done but it's all starting now.

I also wanted to share that I've accomplished a major goal this year and it is in part thanks to all my awesome lovely customers and fans. I have managed to pay off all my student loans in just a year and a half of graduating school!! I am seriously enjoying having that monkey off my back.

I hope in the new year to add a bunch of new items to my shop, and have my most productive year yet! Thanks everyone
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