Saturday, June 15, 2013

A new kind of bag

Yay, another item I can share with you guys finally!

I made this bag for Jennie Ingram incorporating as much of her loves and interests as possible. I had so much fun making it. It was really refreshing coming up with new ideas for patches that center around a specific person, and I really really hope I can get the chance to do it again (*hint hint* to anyone who wants a custom bag).

Some themes captured in this bag: Harry Potter and Doctor Who (of course), steampunk, tea, celtic knots, flying keys and clocks, art nouveau, crafting, etc. Even with all the different themes I think the bag becomes a cohesive unit and I love it!

 photo P1040661_zps54e075ff.jpg

 photo P1040662_zpsade05a1d.jpg

 photo P1040665_zps25c9270d.jpg

 photo P1040667_zps4e1ba55d.jpg

 photo 153888_05Jun13_IMG_20130605_163633_zpse17e0b01.jpg

 photo P1040460_zpsf45ec4be.jpg

 photo P1040452_zpsa340cc81.jpg

 photo P1040450_zps7b7353f5.jpg

 photo P1040449_zps1810b8ca.jpg

 photo 153888_05Jun13_IMG_20130605_163714_zps8d70c951.jpg

 photo 153888_05Jun13_IMG_20130605_163641_zps5ef447e2.jpg

 photo P1040671_zps7f948145.jpg

 photo P1040669_zpsf0942d5b.jpg

 photo P1040668_zps5985a160.jpg

 photo P1040670_zpsbb930d7d.jpg


  1. Your new kind of bag is all sorts of AWESOME!
    Oh, to be Jennieingram...possessor of awesomeness.

    My favorite patch, if I have to choose, which I don't want to, would be the "union jack". But I also really like the "birch" and the "gallifreyan" and the 2 "tea" ones!
    But I REALLY like how you embelleshed the "key" fabric on the gusset. I have that fabric too and your little touch gave it an oomph!

    Well done!

  2. Your Bags are positively the most awesome bags I've seen on the net! WOW!!! You are just beyond talented!


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