Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, a new list

I'm not really one to go crazy over the start of a new year - but I thought it would be interesting to look back at what I've accomplished this last year and come up with some goals to reach for in 2012 (read: not resolutions, as I don't really have the ability to follow those things hah). So let's see...

In 2011 I:

-taught myself how to crochet granny squares (this predates the blog but I'm sure some will float onto the blogsphere eventually)
-decided to try and sell my stuff on Etsy (coming late spring!)
-learned how to make a coptic stitched book
-made more than 120 Teesha Moore panels! (that's not even counting all the ones I did for swaps)
-came up with my business name and logo for etsy
-started this blog
-learned how to dye
-deployed my first yarn bombs

In 2012 I hope to:

-start exercising my meager sewing skills - I've already done a few very basic clothes recons, I hope to be a little more adventurous and try sewing a garment from scratch)
-open my etsy shop and start selling
-make some tutorials for my blog on fun crafting projects that I love to do (I'm open to requests)
-hold another giveaway or two! Definitely one for the opening of my etsy store, and another to celebrate my 1 year anniversary

School starts up again next week. I'm excited and also weary - my brain is fried on deeply meaninful content to put into my work right now. I'm just enjoying glueing crap to crap, sewing crap to crap, and painting crap to crap. Living is really in the simple pleasures. But it is the home stretch, my final semester of school before graduating. What comes next after that? I don't know, and its kind of scary. But also filled with no more homework, and free time again. I can't wait.

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