Saturday, August 10, 2013

Winter Is Here, a New Theme Bag

I wanted to make the title of this post the theme song for The Game of Thrones show, but I wasn't sure how to type the humming noise I make when I sing it to myself....

..that aside *ahem* I have a new Game of Thrones bag!! to show off. I can't even wait to get my photo set up out, I had to snap pictures as soon as I finished it this morning. There's tons of detail, beading, bloody embroidery, etc etc. Seriously if you haven't seen the show or read the books do it!..if you have to do only one go for the books (so much more detail of course).

Anyway, on to the bag!

 photo P1050133_zps68167d35.jpg

 photo P1050144_zps4d266b99.jpg

 photo P1050134_zps805a38fa.jpg

 photo P1050135_zps21e0b9fb.jpg

 photo P1050137_zps576ff5fe.jpg

 photo P1050145_zps9c4b39ab.jpg

 photo P1050142_zps56608140.jpg

 photo P1050140_zps9142cd51.jpg

 photo P1050146_zpsbcb18097.jpg

 photo P1050149_zps97c198bf.jpg

 photo P1050153_zps9465397f.jpg

 photo P1050155_zps821fe5ea.jpg

 photo P1050156_zps67daca3f.jpg


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