Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Gust of Energy means some Stashbusting for me!

I really can't say what prompted me to go on a 4 day spree of stashbusting but I did. I started with some jewelry for a friend that turned into a need to use up some beads to using up other stash that was laying around. I googled projects to use up beads and stumbled upon a variety of windchimes/suncatchers. I've made a couple before and thought why not make some more! I had some beads to use up, but even better, I had a ton of flat-back marbles that I bought a long time ago and hadn't used up. As well there was silverware that I picked up for....some reason? Anyway, add those, some wire, some nice pieces of wood and voila! Some funky windchimes and a little more space to collect more stash.

 photo P1050346_zps400b4f39.jpg

 photo P1050347_zps2139d0e3.jpg

 photo P1050348_zps7705a110.jpg

 photo P1050349_zpsc1df126b.jpg

 photo P1050352_zpsffcbdd59.jpg

 photo P1050354_zpsbe6b1d72.jpg

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