Friday, November 1, 2013

Apologies! and gearing up for the Holidays...

My humblest apologies dear readers! I haven't forgotten you! The last few weeks have been pretty chaotic at work and at home. I feel like I'm running out of steam here but THANKFULLY I have a week-long vacation next week to try to catch up on a million neglected things, a lot of which will be devoted to gearing up for....Christmas. Yes there, I said it. I am acknowledging the existence of Christmas right here, right now, because if I don't the 24th of December will sneak up on me and hit me in the ass and another year will have gone by without a touch of the lovingly handmade. I have some big and small projects planned in the near future and I hope to be able to share some with you along the way. Some will have to wait until after the big 2-5 to post but you understand.

I don't have anything ready to share right now (big surprise) but I do have a giant pile of cut fabric on my table waiting for attention, more fabric set aside for another project, and ambitions for a truly awesome tacky party dress! (not for me, but it will still be fun to make!)

Until then, happy upcoming, overly commercialized, crazy frenzy holidays! I need to down some caffeine and then get to work!

 photo image01_zps06e83e51.jpg

 photo 9c6cfba4-0027-4be9-91ac-4c7cc87a4349_zps12a502fb.jpg

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