Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nothing quite as soothing as stitching

I have been pretty much consumed by embroidery lately. I love experimenting with stumpwork techniques to give even more layer and dimension to what I work on....and in the last week I've come down with a really annoying case of vertigo which makes it tough to move around too much without getting really dizzy, so I've parked it on the couch with my fabric and floss, a needle ready to go, and gone stitch crazy. Some of these were made for other people, some were made just for me, and at some point I think some will end up in my etsy shop as an experiment to see if anyone would like to buy that sort of thing. They're all 2" square (so far - I will challenge myself to go smaller!). There is definitely a more natural flora and fauna type of thing going on in a lot of the squares...I'm not sure if I'll purposely keep going in that direction but we'll see.

 photo P1050947_zpsfbd96e64.jpg

 photo P1050957_zps42ecd6a1.jpg

 photo P1050954_zps3446b93c.jpg

 photo P1050958_zpsd80cf4f7.jpg

 photo P1050959_zps360abd7c.jpg

 photo P1050971_zpsca308572.jpg

 photo P1050961_zps62813ca7.jpg

 photo P1050975_zpsa6b17aa0.jpg

 photo P1050992_zps395a8641.jpg

 photo P1050979_zpsc601e7ed.jpg

 photo P1050994_zps58d16842.jpg

 photo P1060003_zpsccbc18b2.jpg

There will be more...oh yes, there will be more.


  1. These are fan-freaking-tastic. Embroidery is something I did when I was much younger and I wish to heck I had stuck with it... now my lack of skill just irritates me... and I'd rather spend time doing work that doesn't irritate me, lol.

    But I'm a big fan of people with the skill to make such lovelies!

  2. I really like the sea urchin one! Must show us on craftster as well! Alittlemusthave

  3. These are such amazing pieces. I'm new to your blog and I've tagged you for a blog hop because I'd love to learn more about your creative process. If you think you'd like to play along, just write a post answering the following questions. You can then tag three other bloggers you'd like to learn more about. If it's not your cup of tea, that's fine too!
    1. What am I working on?
    2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    3. Why do I create what I do?
    4.How does your creating process work?


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