Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ahh school is taking over

I suppose now I'm glad I don't have any pressing deadlines to meet crafty-wise as school (as indicated by the title of this post) is quickly getting a bit crazy.

I'm taking 2 studio classes; Intermediate Fibers (Screen Printing/surface design) and Intermediate Printmaking (Intaglio processes), both of which are pretty damn time consuming as far as planning and then execution. I'm also taking my last Art History class which is a little annoying (not the subject, I love the subject, just school program drama and my decreasing level of motivation) but that's not as much fun to talk about.

Anyway in fibers, the current assignment is to come up with a panel that is autobiographical in nature incorporating at least some screenprinting, but any other techniques/processes can be used as well. I brainstormed up this fun design that involves these geometric crystal forms I'm planning to screenprint, but holy moly just the planning for these forms is taking forever. Oh and I didn't mention that the panel has to be roughly a yard and half square. That's kind of big. Anyway, we do have a couple of weeks to get this done, and I think I'll probably need all of it the way this is going so far. I hope it'll go a little quicker once I have the crystal forms mapped out and printed. Cross your fingers for me!

And in Printmaking I just did my very first acid etch which turned out ok...Certainly could have been worse, but definitely could have been better. What I love about the class is that the teacher really pushes me to explore my "concepts" and really examine my images to make them more meaningful....since I'm at the Intermediate level we have to now start writing an "artist statement", which I can't said I'm thrilled about. I have such a hard time pinpointing exactly why I did a certain thing a certain way, more often it's just because it felt right or made me laugh...It's hard trying to be serious when most times I'm not a serious person. Maybe I'll share it here with you guys. I'd love feedback.

So here's the print in all it's glory. I'd love to hear what people think of when they see it...I can share a bit later my thought process on how I got there.



  1. It didn't make you laugh - it "expresses the joy the artist feels at life/art/(insert better subject here)

    And it wasn't because it felt right, you were "trying to tap into the intuitive subconcious of the medium" - it's all in how you say it :)

  2. oh man SD - can you write my artist's statement for me haha!


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