Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Etsy Announcement!

Ok, I've gotten tons of messages about when I'll be opening up shop and inquiries about my Dr. Who bag. Here's the low-down:

- I will be posting items for sale starting tomorrow (afternoon - got stuff to do in the morning)!!! I'll be doing a couple of batches over the next few days which will include the Dr. Who bag, my Hunger Games bag, and a few more bags (one of which is Harry Potter themed - did I cover enough fandoms yet? =)). As well, I have some art pieces, jewelry, etc to put in my shop so stay tuned for that.

- Unfortunately at this point I only have one Dr. Who bag in stock which will be up for grabs for the first buyer. For everyone that misses out on that, don't worry! I have plans to make more.  Keep in mind, though, that making these bags is time consuming so it'll be a little while before they show up in my shop again.

Thank you guys so so much for your support!

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