Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spinning plates and cheeto dust

I really don't consider myself an early morning person...except when I'm just chilling at home and randomly can't sleep at 7 am. It's a little annoying that I can't sleep in but it does make for a productive day. Anyway, speaking of productive, I have been a machine this past week. Today is my last free day before school starts and I'm feeling the slow ache of per-weariness that comes with the anticipation of a busy semester of school and work, trying to fit my crafting in whenever I can. This usually means I get very very little reading done =/

Anyway! I finished my little hoopla that I'm prepared to giveaway as part of my SUPER-AWESOME-YOU-GUYS-ROCK-FOR-FOLLOWING-ME-GIVEAWAY!!!! that will be in action the moment I reach 25 followers (one more to go!). I'll post details once it's a go. Back to the hoopla: I love Cate Anevski and have wanted to stitch up something by her or inspired by her for the longest time, and now I finally got the chance. It's a bit of a mix-up of a few of her face embroideries. And it can be all yours!


This week I also finally got around to some experiments with koolaid microwave dyeing! I bought some undyed 100% wool yarn a while back just waiting for the time to do this, and when I didn't have the right colors I needed for a current secret project I decided to break out the yarn! My first result was the orangey/yellow one, which I dubbed "cheeto dust" because it so reminds me of that haha. I'm a little disappointed the yellow koolaid didn't dye brighter but at least the plain yarn was a creamish color so it turned out ok despite the lack of vibrancy in the koolaid.


A few days later I did some more for fun. The bottom two are a bit blah - I was nervous about putting too much dye on and making the colors muddy but it obviously wasn't an issue. I think I might try overdyeing them later. But I love how the 2nd from the top turned out, it reminds me of watermelons or rhubarb mmmmm yum.


I have a bunch more koolaid colors to play with and some more of the yarn too so I'm sure there'll be more to see eventually. I have a ton of other things I can't wait to post, but for the sake of suspense I'll be holding off until my partners receive.

Have a great day guys!

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