Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time flies when you have too much to do!

Whew! Almost let a whole week slip by me without an update - lots of crafting going on though sadly most of it I can't say much about as it is for other people and will remain a surprise for now =) I did just mail off the hoop I completed for Erica though!! Oooh teaser time!


That aside, I finished one medium item for Erica in our personal swap, made more progress on the TM bag I'm doing for her (no surprise there though no pictures til she receives!), and am slowly killing my pinkie finger on the other large I'm making her....I need to figure out how to fix that issue though I don't know if its possible..hmm...

Also am almost done with my monthly goal of doing 20 TM panels (16/20 done as of today), and am halfway done with a bag destined for my shop!

School finally finished yesterday and although I'm sad I only have 2 weeks to try and relax before fall semester starts, I'm going to try my best. Mostly that means try to get as much accomplished as possible before school assignments take over everything. I am looking forward to my Intermediate Printmaking class - I'm trying to think of what theme I want to spend the semester on....I'm leaning towards sci fi, aliens, etc?? Still trying to work that out.

I don't really have any fun pictures to share so I'll throw up some of my past printmaking projects that I really enjoyed. These are all developed from my initial musings on the Day of the Dead culture and style. It really turned into a study on my thoughts of death and religion which is rather intriguing - I love most of the stuff that came out of that class =)



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