Friday, October 7, 2011

Naughty naughty blogger!

Ugh I feel horrible. My goal was to post once a week and I've failed! I swear I thought I had until tonight. Oh well....I'm posting now.

My week has been utterly consumed with school projects. I figured out that so far I've spent a cumulative...20ish hours on my fibers project so far. And I'm going to be working my ass off this weekend to get it finished by the Wednesday deadline...I'm a bit worried that my apparent case of bad time management will leave this project being less than stellar...but I can't win them all I guess. I'll just be happy to start fresh with a new assignment after this is over. I'll try to snap some in progress pics while I'm working this weekend.

Also been working on a 3 plate intaglio assignment in printmaking. I'm pretty happy with the general direction of two of the plates so far, but I haven't even sketched anything for the 3rd and it's due in about 2.5 weeks. Ugh, my time is at 0 now.

I feel like for the first time since I've started my monthly shop goal of making TM stuff that I might just not even do anything this month since I'm already overwhelmed.....well that and I couldn't help myself and started up a new round of the whimsy swap on craftster. In my head I rationalized it as a way to get more whimsies to use in my TM bags, and a fun easy swap....until I partnered myself with MissingWillow who is so awesome and has her own farm! (Here's her incredible blog! I love her regularly updates always with fun pictures.) She's in the middle of an awesome miniature house build and I love mini things and making mini things so I'm soooo distracted with wanting to not do school work and make teeny tiny things! I've made a couple of things for her so far, hopefully the scale isn't too far off. I'll be sure to share pictures here when I can!

So to make this post a little more fun I'm going to share some recent artists I've learned about since we had a contemporary artist presentation to give in printmaking. Maybe it'll inspire some of you lovely readers =)

1. Bart Vargas


2. Ran Hwang


3. Heike Weber


4. Zac Freeman


5. Debbie Smyth


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