Monday, July 25, 2011

The biggest dice I've ever seen...

So I put on my to-do list a while back make some giant D&D dice replicas for a friend's wedding. They're going to be hung from rafters in her gaming themed wedding =) Super geeky and I love it. This is an interesting challenge since normally I am not at all a precision crafter; I'm more of a "where the mood takes me" crafter for sure. But considering I'm constructing these replicas from solid sheets of paper it takes a lot more measuring than I'm accustomed to. Anyway, I've got one set done for the most part, here's a quick preview shot of two of them.


The ruler is there to give you an idea of the scale. I'm still puzzling over how to put the numbers on there...I'm leaning towards paint but it makes me a little nervous that it could smear and make all sorts of mess....if not paint then I'll just cut out paper I guess. First I need to do the rest of the shapes!

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