Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ok, time to share my to-do list!

I am one of those people that need the reassuring check box to mark when I've accomplished something. I regularly make lists to make sure I'm not forgetting something or to prioritize my efforts throughout a given period of time. Thus the list! Here's what I have right now...

1. Design some logos for a personal swap! (I've been putting this one off for a while =/)
2. Sketch out a plan for my plate for ceramics class (oh! btw I'm in college for an Art degree if you didn't know ;))
3. Create a set of rescaled up Dungeons and Dragon dice for my best friend's wedding (gaming themed) - I can't get the time off to actually go to the wedding which really bums me out but I want to do as much as I can to make her day really special.
4. Stencil a Snape shirt to wear to Harry Potter!!! I can't wait til Tuesday!
5. Make an anatomical heart hoop for myself.
6. Make a mini faux deer head from paper templates - so cute and funny.

That's the short list. Though now that I'm looking at it, right now I'm in progress on the stenciled shirt, and am really tempted to start either the deer head or heart hoop after that.....I seriously need to get myself on track and not be led off by things that sound like more fun!

Off to work on the stencils some more!

To make this post a little prettier I'll include a never-before seen picture of a couple of altered projects I did a while back. Hope you guys like it!



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