Saturday, July 16, 2011

A new beginning...

Dear Internet, 

It has been many years since I've put any effort into maintaining a blog. I find myself wanting to do this again after so long as a way to record my efforts and steps towards finding my creative self, which will culminate and grow into a self-made business I hope (crossing fingers!). I have so much to share and I hope hope hope I can find many friends to rejoice with along the way!

Here goes nothing!

My main goals for this blog are to:

-Check in once a week at least! (I can be such a blabber mouth it may be more hah); I'll let you know what projects I'm working on and what is going right or disastrously wrong!
-I'll be posting lots of pictures of what I make and hopefully make a few tutorials too!
-Log the progress of my little business which is set to roll out end of April 2012!

It will be awesome! I promise.

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