Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two day vacation

Or rather a rare two days in a row that I have off from both work AND school. I was felled by a rather lame head cold last week (which really sucks as I don't get sick that easily and it was the first week of school) but I've got my energy back for the most part. I haven't really felt like doing much art-wise until about today so not too much to share on that front.

Well, I lie. In 3-D design we had to make some samples of crochet, cold wire connections, and coiling/wrapping so I did that. Nothing too crazy though - haha for my crochet sample I made a wasn't planned like that but my lumpy pinkish ball said "radish" to me and so I made it happen. I'm excited to see what the first project is and to get brainstorming on it - that's almost always the best part....the part BEFORE you start the project and then realize it's not turning out how you envisioned it....though sometimes you can get lucky and it turns out how you want it, or it gets even better through trial and error. Either way, at this point I'm excited.

I also did a quick yarn bomb =) Nothing flashy just a big granny square. We'll see how long it stays up - so far all my other yarn bombs are still hanging. I've got a few more waiting to be deployed.



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