Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweaters, Randomness and I can't sleep! Pt. 1

I did just try to go to bed about but had to get up 15 minutes ago because I couldn't stop thinking about UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!! I really don't know why they have captured my imagination so much in the last week....or few hours honestly...but they are so magnificent in their tacky, crazy, who thought to put that there?! kind of style. Obviously the picture below hints at my thought (I hope - I'm cropping the picture so I don't ruin the surprise when I reveal the whole thing).


And Christmas has been on my mind in general. I've been working on another Merry bag or two (meaning xmas themed..I was trying to think of a synonym for xmas but was drawing a blank) and have been listening to old episodes of Christmas themed This American Life - so good (I love David Sedaris). I'm really not usually into the holiday so much, but I think trying to come up with clever little patches for the bags have kicked my nostalgia for the holiday into overdrive. And I find that for the first time I'm using quite a bit of felt on the patches, applique style, which is both amusing and appropriate because I definitely feel like felt is such a Christmas craft supply. And while you're at it, sequins (which I have also been using). Think about it: felt ornaments, felt stockings (at least the stockings my grandmother made for everyone in the family were made completely out of felt, embellished with sequins), felt...........well I'm sure there was more felt stuff...oh yeah the tree skirt! If it wasn't felt it felt like felt...

(confused? I'm thinking the headache meds I took earlier which have caffeine in it is probably really kicking in now which is inconvenient since I should be sleeping and also making my mind restless and the opposite of slow)

...Anyway. Ugly sweaters are awesome. You may be seeing more soon. Any by soon I mean in a month or so since I have a bit of a list of things to do before I can jump on that bandwagon in anything more than just spirit.

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