Sunday, February 24, 2013

Old screen printing projects

This past week I've been going gangbusters on crocheting a vest for myself. My very first clothing item that I've ever tried to make at all. Sadly I'm all out of the yarn I bought for the project and will have to wait to find some suitably matching yarn to finish it up. Any in progress pictures really wouldn't be that exciting at this point - I have a giant rectangle thus far.

I still have projects that are waiting to be posted once the recipients get them, but until then I found some pictures of screen printing samples I made in my first fibers class - my first time ever screen printing! I'm amazed by how much layering I did, even in my first attempts, which is making me want to go for the gusto and do that again for my next project, which is yet to be determined....the only problem is that half of my crafting supplies are piled up on the table I use for screen printing due to an unfortunate leak in my apartment which caused some water damage to the cabinet that held said supplies. That whole mess is sorted out now, but I'm still left with all these supplies and no home for them yet! Annoying.

Anyway, back to the screen printing!

We were supposed to have a cohesive theme running through each piece, and at the time I decided to use my father as a focal point. Of course at that time he was very much unemployed (stupid economy) and was dealing with feelings of frustration, anger, powerlessness, etc. It was a rather depressing thing to pick but I still think I created a few interesting images.

He's an airplane mechanic, hence the planes, and the bodies of water represent my hometown of Seattle somewhat. I was really in love with that layered look in the different shades of the water (still am!).


This next one was a bit more complicated, and I'm sitting here trying to even remember how I did it. There was a lot of layering of contact paper - I'm definitely going to have to experiment with that sort of technique again.


Here was my final project for that particular section of the class - if I remember correctly it was 40" x 40" and took at least 8 hours to screen print. The aqua water drops/tear drops are appliqued on, and everything else was screen printed.


This is another piece I did, in the following fibers class which was an exercise on color gradation. I'm really happy with the repeating shape I came up with. And I still have the fabric with no idea of what to make with it. I found a few sewing tutorials I've been meaning to try. It will probably pop up again there.


This makes me want to screen print right now!!! But I have to go to a work thing today and probably won't have time to do much of anything =/ Oh well, maybe I'll work on sketching something to print!

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