Saturday, April 13, 2013

E is for Edward who wore Fabulous Furs

And while I've read a bit about Edward Gorey, I still am not sure why that is...I guess he just really liked furs.

In any case, I did an Edward Gorey themed swap on craftster on a whim. There are super awesome artists participating and I have always loved Gorey's macabre quirky style. When I got my partner I was a little stymied because she wanted pretty much practical items, and while I am totally on that bandwagon, I think my talents tend to lie in making non-practical, art stuff. So I thought...and tested my sewing skills! and then planned and executed!

I decided for my first item to do an embroidered hoop since my partner was starting a collection for her wall. I sketched a few children characters and made small changes and did a little Gorey-esque type scene. Hopefully you can see my attempt at shading with the floss.

 photo P1040372_zpsaba17695.jpg

 photo P1040373_zpse25096f4.jpg

My favorite little girl. Of course she's the one with the scissors.

 photo P1040376_zps4c223f93.jpg

 photo P1040377_zps450f08f5.jpg

The next item I thought would be fun so my partner can pretend she is a Gorey character! Or is it just me that thinks that's clever and any case the yarn was super soft to work with, though changing colors every 5 rows was a pain and slowed down my crocheting speed significantly.

 photo P1040378_zps8259b906.jpg

And lastly, the thing that took the most planning and forethought and preparation - a screen printed tote bag! The tote bag I posted about a few weeks ago was a practice run for this. The image, I think, is quite fitting, as my partner said she loves to read, so book bag it is.

 photo P1040410_zpse289cbd3.jpg

 photo P1040412_zpsd607fe50.jpg

Now to go about figuring out what was up with the furs? Anyone know?


  1. That embroidery is a thing of beauty! Your swap partner was very lucky!

  2. You spoiled your partner! Everything is great. I really need to check out that gallery. I've been seeing a lot of great crafts that have come out of it.

  3. I am loving this entire package.
    I've never screen printed and am in awe! The skeletons are SO crisp! Great work!


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