Friday, June 7, 2013

New Fat Quarters to the shop...soon..

A few need pictures taken again to capture the colors better...but in any case...

 photo 303_zps635bbfd1.jpg

 photo 242_zps9e7f5e1a.jpg

 photo 231_zpsc8e15c32.jpg

 photo 202_zps1b695f90.jpg

 photo 183_zps85588e84.jpg

 photo 162_zps52432733.jpg

 photo 154_zpsadf908c1.jpg

 photo 132_zps228734dc.jpg

 photo 81_zpsaf1d252b.jpg

 photo 52_zpse8582f45.jpg

 photo 12_zps672adef3.jpg

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