Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Did I fall off the face of the earth?

No I did not. I am so sorry for being away so long dear blog readers (if there are any left!), it was not on purpose I swear. It started with a move to a new apartment over the summer and then soon after getting a fabulous trojan from my photo hosting site. After that I just got swamped with...well life. But I'm back and I have half a year of projects to share...maybe I might have to do it photo-bomb style.

So I went through a fiber jewelry art obsession (I'm not sure I'm quite done with it to be honest), did some crochet, made an art doll, and play with some fun fibers and weaving. There's more, oh definitely more, but I thought I'd save them for more descriptive posts that will be coming soon, I promise!!


  1. Life does tend to get in the way does it not? Some great pieces though! Loving the jewelry.

    1. Yes it does! Thanks for sticking with me, I'm glad I still have at least one reader!!


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