Friday, February 13, 2015

A two inch square of home

When I was still in the throws of love with twinchies (don't worry, I still am, just taking a needed break) I decided to tackle recreating the look of bracket fungi that can be found in my homeland, the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure they can be found elsewhere too, but this was supposed to be a slice from home. I did the fungi in a stumpwork technique and set about to try and mimic the moss through french knots and the like which totally didn't work. I decided to try incorporating real moss which actually ended up looking great. But then the whole thing felt like it was missing I decided to do more fungi! I tried to do the tiny white mushrooms in stumpwork but oh man, I cannot work that tiny. It was an utter failure, so poly clay came out, and the mushrooms took shape through that. I'm still amazed at how harmonious all the materials are with each other. A little piece of home.

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