Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crafty A.D.D.

There are times when I am so focused I can just go and go and go on one project forever. This hasn't been the case lately though. My screen printing obsession has quietly tucked itself away for a little while (I think I just burned myself out on it honestly, I'm sure the bug will come back soon). In its place I've been thinking a lot about assemblage art which I've always loved. Loved, but never really felt that good at doing. It's not just about throwing a bunch of crap together and gluing (that part I'm great at), it's about a balance...so I'm in the mood and I think I'll give it a go. I'm challenging myself not to buy anything new for this but only to work from stash. Here's my work table so far - not too crazy messy...yet.


I'm just starting out by rusting a bunch of little bits and bobs. I got a two part rusting wash from the craft store ages ago and never used it until now. It's way too easy and fun so I forsee lots of rusted things now. Side note: the tin I'm using as my rusting palate is also my painting palate haha. I should cut it apart and use it for something now that I think of it.


As a recap from my last post, I did finish the two items on my to-do list! Here's the final picture of the drawing for my uncle.


The background is actually a wash of watered-down red acrylic paint but I must have scanned it only in black and white, oops.

Ok off to work with me. Have a great day!

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  1. Crafty ADD is a mark of a great mind :)Can't wait to see more assemblage, I'm sure you're great at it. Those little bitty houses (?) in the first pic have piqued my curiosity... They look...cool...


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