Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Voices in the midst, and other Art Abandoning Adventures!

So my adventures in Art Abandonment continue! I dropped another precious wee book at the Denny's not too far from my house when I met up with an awesome friend. It's nothing too fancy but I have some great plans for the next couple of drops =)


Also my friend Onyxnox has been gradually abandoning the art pieces I sent here. I snagged some of her pictures to share with you guys. This is around the city of Toronto...


This first one is kind of magical. If you can't make it out, it's the rust star with a cicada in the middle. And what makes it magical is that I got an email from the super sweet family that found it while going on a hike, right after they found it. It warms my heart. The email read:

"On this beautiful day in late September my family and I set off from mid-town Toronto for a hike and picnic in the Rouge Valley. Just as we set out on the trail, my youngest son noticed something hanging from a branch. It was a rustic looking star tied to a tree with a note " please take me home"! How curious we thought. A second "wordy' note was quickly apparent. "Probably a religious message", I quickly surmised. But no, it was more than that. It was a lovely hand made craft offered as a simple token of thoughtfulness.

It now hangs in our kitchen reminding us to be thoughtful in our own lives.

Thank you!

Susan and family."

Onyxnox also abandoned my little girl shrine in a park. I don't think the placement could have been any more perfect if she tried.



I also received another email for a piece she abandoned just recently by the CN Tower (at least going by the email, I'm not sure if that's exactly where it was).


I am emailing you because my son was in Toronto since friday oct 12, 2012 and found your little crafty thing on a bench under the CN Tower.Just wanted to let you know that its now here in Ottawa,He was there just visiting and went to Wonderland.And he wanted me to email you to let you know what he found.And that he is too busy to email you)


I'm not sure which piece of art it was, but I'm dying to know! =)

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