Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sometimes instead of looking at pictures, just paint them.

What have I been up to this week? Well....I've been working on another custom Doctor Who bag which is almost done. Finally found a good Christmas stamp so I can complete some Christmas postcards! Did various sorting and weeding of craft supplies that I seriously never use. And pulled out some old, never looked at, totally forgotten pictures that I decided to doodle on =)




I had no plan in my head at all when I attacked these with a bit of paint and marker. Some are better than others but overall I like it and I have more in progress. I was thinking of abandoning them like my previous abandon art project...or making a really odd photo album. Who knows? I'm just enjoying the process as I go for now.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with an awesome friend to have a screen printing date! I'm still hemming and hawing about if I feel like making a new screen or two to bring up with me along with my HP and DW screens. Another thing to make a decision on....later =)

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