Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making Messes is How I get It Done

I really can't seem to get much accomplished unless I make the biggest mess possible. I feel like I have to have all my supplies at hand and the follow picture is evidence to this statement...

 photo P1040986_zpsf781c097.jpg

I've been working on some mess making recently and although I'm not ready to show finished pictures yet, here are some super awesome close-ups of some really fantastic textures.

 photo P1050011_zps482745b2.jpg

 photo P1050018_zps5fc62432.jpg

 photo P1050019_zpse3b00355.jpg

 photo P1050014_zps06597d0d.jpg


  1. I work the same way, no matter what I am doing, there must be a mess involved, the bigger the better.


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