Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend means getting busy with the screen printing for me

The last hurrah of summer always leaves me feeling a little sad. Sad that the long warm days are growing noticeably shorter, and that being that I live in Michigan, the season of Fall is little more than a couple of weeks long before we're plunged into the annoying and always much too long throws of winter. My bf and I did have tentative plans for the holiday weekend but being as I've put in way more hours at work this week than I would have liked, I kinda put a veto on doing anything that involved having to drive hours away from the comfort of home. So instead I decided I will tackle a custom order of 10 FQs in different colors of my fun little fox circle print!

 photo 2_zpsab0869f7.jpg

I'm going to hit the fabric store as soon as it opens and of course there will be holiday sales! I'll probably get way too much fabric and then when I get home I'll be going print crazy! I'll have to take some fun artsy pictures of the foxie rainbow.

Speaking of custom orders, I did one for a very sweet lady who is working on a jacket with patches all over it, and she asked me to make some to add to the ones she created. This was a little different since she wasn't stuffing her patches, but I think it was really effective, especially if you're adding the patches to something and you don't want there to be so much extra bulk that padding would have. Here's two of the patches I did - they were all Doctor Who themed, and look, my first k-9!

 photo P1050215_zps77b056a8.jpg

 photo P1050216_zps953590e7.jpg

I asked her to send me finished pictures and she agreed so I will be following up with that at some point. I love seeing what people make with my stuff!

In other news, I am 6 sales away from my 100th sales Mark!!!

 photo Untitled-1_zps36952202.jpg

I want to do something special for the 100th sale so here it is: Whoever is my 100th sale will receive free shipping, AND get a special thank you gift from me =) Also, as a thank you to everyone who has supported my shop in the last year and a half, I am putting a coupon out there for everyone to use to get 20% off their purchase (not including custom orders) until the 100th sale is made. Just send me a note before buying and I will email you the code!

I really had few expectations of my little shop when I started this whole thing, and now a year and a half later, I have met all sorts of new wonderful people, have mailed off my art to places all over the world, and am so much closer to paying off my student loans!! It's a good place to be.

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