Saturday, August 24, 2013

Updates and ramblings

The week has gone by in a flash and I'm trying to catch up it seems like. I just added my Game of Thrones bag to my etsy shop with new and improved pictures. I also managed to finish a project for a lovely lady in AZ that should go out in the mail next week sometime hopefully...but in avoiding things I should be working on, last week I decided to break out the screen printing stuff and made myself some fun shirts.

I've been meaning to print my jawbone on a shirt for the longest time and I finally did! Excuse how wrinkled it is, I had be wearing it previously.

 photo P1050200_zps837a1ea1.jpg

This one was kind of fun; some rather loose screenprinting application and a laser-eye bunny! The little orange mark in the middle of its body was a flub but I don't mind it too much (I guess, it's not coming out now).

 photo P1050201_zps4ffdfd0a.jpg

I also played around some more with bleach and a bleach pen which was fun. Nothing worth posting but I have those in the back of my mind for future shirt embellishing projects! I have 4 blank shirts on standby for when inspiration strikes.

Ok back to some more stitching - working on a fun custom order for a lady who is making a jacket out of patches. I'm intrigued!

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