Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have been busy. Obviously. I have completely let this blog slide with the looming specter that is Christmas. I always have to start early because I end up sending about 40% of my gifts out of state and I hate dealing with last minute trips to the post office among holiday madness. Anyway, I've been making things left and right but unfortunately a lot of it I can't share yet. I will, however, share some of the things I've made for others that have already received their packages.

Some crochet baskets. A great stashbusher though it was killer on my wrists after a while. I might have to make more for me.

 photo 321854_18Nov13_image1_zps0921d355.jpg

Another steampunky type bug pendant. I have more wings made but no projects for them yet. I think they'll probably turn up in some fun assemblage project down the road.

 photo P1050395_zps9c1611ff.jpg

 photo P1050386_zpse2d705da.jpg

A sacred heart felt embroidery hoop art. It was fun to bling it out with some sequins. Rather time consuming to sew on one-by-one but worth it.

 photo P1050493_zps64568c7e.jpg

Most recently I made a necklace for myself using a bunch of chains and beads that my mom gave me when I was visiting in October. I'm pretty happy with how it came out - we'll see if it holds up to wearing all day.

 photo P1050498_zpsdc0e4ead.jpg

Ok...back to Christmas crafting...I'll try to share when I can.

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