Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tacky Christmas, here we go!

If it's not evident by now, I love tacky Christmas stuff. I think it gives a much needed air of irreverence to a holiday that has been distorted so extremely by society and media. So why not take that that a bit further =)

I contemplated making my own ugly Christmas sweater but decided that with all the holiday crafting that was in store for me, I wouldn't have enough time to really devote the right amount of energy and effort to pull it off well (I am my own elitist hah). But when an announcement went up at work this last Friday that there would be an ugly Christmas sweater contest....well my fate was sealed right there.

So now I am in the planning stages of my Christmas sweater!...or maybe shirt or something...I'll have to see what I can repurpose in my closet. I have a few ideas of how to approach it, though to be honest, with the Christmas dress I made, I had the start of an idea and just went from there. My only issue is that this is going to be worn at work which is in the public eye and so therefore must be "work-appropriate". No swearing, no sexual innuendo, etc (which isn't really my style anyway).

I love the idea of incorporating something so non-Christmas in to a Christmas-y scene, like dinosaurs or kittens.

 photo 888ee74e4329dc5878a3ae2930d2ad56_zps9cff3561.jpg

I love the fair isle knitting look, but probably won't tackle that now. That requires screen printing, getting all of that prepared = too much time and I have none. But I may try to work in dinos pulling Santa's sleigh or something...

Another dream of mine is to incorporate working lights into my garment. I am so not a lights and moving things person, but I might try. I've been seeing these super simple but clever snowmen on pinterest made from battery-operated votive candle lights and thought that would be easy to recreate and incorporate onto a sweater.

 photo 824f560eb78ce7cd9cc4b0d63862eeb3_zps2a9d50f7.jpg

My last idea, and I think the easiest to pull off in the short time I have is a vomiting reindeer theme. I have tons of bits of Christmas crap that Rudolph can be yakking up....

 photo 2f1cf1d704f7d1268dc2e47022ff9484_zps0d8fc37d.jpg

But I am doubting myself....I texted one of my bosses at work to see if the vomiting reindeer would fly at work (haha get it), and I haven't gotten a response back yet, but now I'm wondering...if I'm even questioning it, doesn't that indicate right there that it may be a problem? Darn it. I was getting really excited about that one.

Well, on I go to start my Christmas sweater adventure. Next time, no doubt, I'll have pictures to share of the actual sweater!

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  1. The reindeer one almost made tea get spit all over my screen here!
    Love the non-traditional ugly Christmas sweater.


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