Saturday, March 1, 2014

hey look i have a camera!

Ever since finishing the massive bag project of doom! I've been taking a much needed break, doing little projects here and there for myself, that I've been putting off forever. I played around with bleach dyeing as well, with questionable results, but that has led to playing with RIT dye which is a new adventure. I'll have pictures up at some point - everything is sort of in a halfway done phase.

Anyway, it occurred to me that while I have shared old projects from my yester-years, I have never shared any of my amateur photography attempts. I used to play around with a camera a lot, even took a number of classes in college. Digital is great, but there is just something magical about a manual camera and snapping a beautiful photo. I especially miss having awesome friends who live within driving distance who serve as willing models (when I tell them to go walk in the lake in their clothes, yes, or sit in a rather uncomfortable bush, it has happened). Here are a few I scrounged up; I'll have to see if I can find older ones I took from way back in high school. These were mostly from my college years.

 photo 25773_109634345717376_2202895_n_zps4c420287.jpg photo 25773_109634349050709_5685727_n_zps7753da53.jpg photo 25773_109634342384043_7233932_n_zps3aa89ccb.jpg photo 25773_109634132384064_7234572_n_zps35496b44.jpg photo 25773_109634129050731_6893683_n_zps63f28f57.jpg photo 25773_109634045717406_6713434_n_zpsb1fc7547.jpg photo 25773_109634125717398_7038447_n_zps48e5ca66.jpg

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