Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unfocused and random has been my game lately.

I'm still enjoying a much needed mental break from making stuff for my shop. I know it is woefully short on FQs lately, but I'm gearing up soon to start making some more! I actually have bitten the proverbial bullet and cracked open my photo emulsion kit to try applying it on my screens. And it works!! It's quite magical to be able to transfer a complex design to a screen and have it come out pretty much perfect....well mostly perfect. There was one flub where I think I had my photo light too close to the screen and it ended up burning part of the image overly much so that it wouldn't wash out right. But I think I have the knack of it now. There will be FQs to spare soon for sure.

In other news I am going to do a photo dump of what I've been messing around with lately. Just a mish-mash of things I've made for different people...

First and foremost, SPOOLMAN! I made this little assemblage sculpture for a friend who is a sewing wizard! It was based off another sculpture she had pinned and this is my take on it.

 photo P1050688_zps835038a1.jpg

 photo P1050689_zpse4f526ce.jpg

Also in the altered/assembled vein of creation, I made a funny little Santa ornament with an old paintbrush. He might have looked a little more jolly and a little less starved if I had a bigger brush on hand, but make do with what you have, yes?

 photo P1050694_zps5cfb9cbf.jpg photo P1050696_zpsc6b1041e.jpg

Somehow I find it difficult to stay away from making patches for too long. It's fun to make a few for other people and not be bogged down in the process from start to finish of making a bag or a cover or what-have-you..

 photo P1050723_zpscdf4b183.jpg

 photo P1050699_zpsc480bab0.jpg

 photo P1050724_zps6314e6de.jpg

 photo P1050725_zpsfd81a59b.jpg

A little jewelry of course. I've cooled off on making jewelry a bit, but mostly because I'm waiting for a few pieces I've ordered off of etsy to come in so I can make a pendant I've been dreaming about for a while...this little steampunk creation is just the right mix of sweet and steam I think.

 photo P1050722_zps39c6891b.jpg

Also a little screen printing to try out a newly set up photo emulsion screen! The gallifreyan script, weeping angel, and sonic screwdriver are all new prints!

 photo P1050729_zpsaa3deabe.jpg

 photo P1050730_zpsd262ab71.jpg

And lastly to round out this photo dump, finally a pretty horrible picture of myself wearing my "30 minutes or less" ugly Christmas sweater...I had a the night before so basically had just the morning before work to throw this together. I'm not proud but at least it has lights...if you can make that out in the picture. I swear if I ever do this again it WILL BE BETTER!! (Hard not to be I suppose - ouch, truth hurts.)

 photo IMG_20131220_131148_zps877a260c.jpg

Ok! That's all folks! I'm sitting on a few more projects but I'll share those soon. =)

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