Sunday, April 13, 2014

Photo dump time!

I've been rather obsessed with screen printing again these last two months. I've finally conquered liquid photo emulsion and have been going crazy making new screens and prints. I love how much detail you can get, way more than when using drawing fluid. Check it out!

 photo P1050793_zpsbf730e4e.jpg

 photo P1050790_zpsc9eae126.jpg

 photo P1050831_zpsc2c6f78e.jpg

 photo P1050794_zpsd179655a.jpg

 photo P1050772_zpsd4bdd237.jpg

 photo P1050776_zps4f341699.jpg

 photo P1050768_zps2f238aa1.jpg

 photo P1050786_zpsbd3f5159.jpg

 photo P1050787_zps5b8e26b4.jpg

 photo P1050759_zpsd9a6197d.jpg

 photo P1050757_zps55f97bd0.jpg

 photo P1050758_zps828ffae5.jpg

 photo P1050756_zpse7379242.jpg

 photo P1050753_zpsf02b0da4.jpg

 photo P1050751_zps810f5172.jpg

 photo P1050747_zps30222cf5.jpg

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