Sunday, June 8, 2014

Embroidery, my longtime love

I've been busy these last few months. I apologize for not keeping up here. Can I make it up with a funtime photodump? I'm wondering if I should try putting some embroidery pieces in my shop just for shits and giggles, to see if anyone would be interested in buying..Anyway onto the photos.

 photo P1050842_zpsd0f2fb36.jpg

 photo P1050841_zpse0255a12.jpg

 photo P1050867_zps75d2c533.jpg

 photo P1050868_zpsa2d8ef02.jpg

 photo 330_zps6cafff24.jpg

 photo 331_zps63dc8387.jpg

 photo 332_zps48ff0e7c.jpg

 photo 327_zpsc4b9dda7.jpg

 photo 326_zpsdb037da0.jpg

 photo 325_zps234c40ed.jpg

 photo 324_zpsad0ee3fe.jpg

 photo 323_zps82f60edd.jpg

 photo 321_zps453b5db4.jpg

 photo 315_zps22e6598b.jpg

 photo 316_zps20a2e761.jpg

 photo 329_zps7b8639b7.jpg

 photo 328_zps0ff645cc.jpg

The next month and half are not likely to be any less busy. We're moving to a new apartment mid-July so that'll involve packing up most of our crap and schlepping it to the new place. But I will enjoy destashing and getting rid of all the junk cluttering our lives that we never use. Wish me luck.

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