Sunday, June 8, 2014

I really wish I knew how to type out the Super Mario theme song for this title...

...because it would be so appropriate for the most recent bag I've created!!


 photo P1050780_zps94307491.jpg

 photo P1050778_zps783badb0.jpg

I swapped recently with an awesome lady in Canada who loves videogames, and more specifically Mario. Mario is my old school gaming jam!....and really my only gaming jam...I have always had a hard time getting into other games overly much (with the exception of Super Nintendo's Donkey Kong and the subsequent permutations!) but Mario always was fun to play and totally engrossing. So I loved the chance to tackle a new theme, and especially one I could relate to so well.

 photo P1050781_zps761ec7f4.jpg

 photo P1050782_zpse72c41bb.jpg

I even went as far as to custom print the lining for the bag!

 photo P1050742_zps94b597e9.jpg

Once I finished making the bag, I had to keep going on the patches because I was having too much fun. My partner is also a huge Zelda fan, so I had to make some patches for that. I did have a little help on those from my boyfriend since he is apparently the Zelda authority in our home (and I know almost nothing except what I was able to glean from the internet) but I love how the came out anyway, and I think they were very much appreciated.

 photo P1050783_zpsfd1507ab.jpg

 photo P1050784_zpsaaac9e88.jpg

 photo P1050785_zps05339334.jpg

Lesson learned? Let me make you an awesome bag of your own of a theme you love!! I want to do it!!


  1. I think this might be my favorite bag of all...

    1. =D Thanks! I had a lot of fun thinking it up.


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