Thursday, May 2, 2013

I must be getting old

I spent the day slowly hurting every part of my body which is a bit unfortunate as I lay on the couch now, my back refusing to relax and uncramp. Why, you ask? Let's see, I'm getting back outside as the weather is getting nice (FINALLY) to walk/jog which is making all sorts of muscles rebel, and screen printing for a good portion of the day takes its toll. Oh yeah, and then piecing together a patchwork bag for a fantastic lady which unfortunately requires me to sit on the floor for a good while bending over painfully. I swear I used to have a body that didn't complain so much. In any case, I offer pictures!

I know I said before that I seriously need to restock my shop and the first thing on my list is Fat quarters. I got a few done today, though not as many as I'd like. I left everything out and ready to go so I can hopefully do some more screen printing this weekend. I have a few new original prints in the works as well. I'm curious to see how those sell.

On the drying rack..

 photo P1040447_zpsb5e674c3.jpg

And a hint to another print I will hopefully be debuting soon...

 photo 0d76d3f8a48d233fd2df74481ecdb7cb_zps782493c3.jpg

I wish I could share more but pretty much all my projects on the go are surprises for some crafty friends and I don't want to spoil it here if they're reading. Til the next time!

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