Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rambles and Teases

I think the past week and a half has been my longest radio silence yet, and I do apologize! I have the supreme luck every so often of clicking on just the wrong thing and screwing up my computer utterly. But I do have a boyfriend that is very handy with computers and computer problems and he's helping me to fix this issue. But in the meantime I had to drag out my old dusty laptop that had sat alone in a box for years, and thankfully it seems to be holding up ok.

In any case, life has been a blur of a lot of working as of late, with a bit of crafting and creating spiced in. Still not a whole lot I can show you until the projects in question are received but I can tease with some macro shots that pretty much in no way reveal the end product. =)

 photo P1040630_zps0d4d7b40.jpg

 photo P1040629_zpsfc2ef8f6.jpg

 photo P1040628_zps2eabd7ee.jpg

I think I'll probably be very productive this week and I'm planning on mailing some stuff out so you'll be able to see full project pictures soon!

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