Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday night ramblings

It really kind of sucks to not be able to share all the awesome projects I'm working on now with you guys. Just keep in mind that awesomeness is definitely coming to a blog post near you! In other news, I did my first craft show with Nicole last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I managed to scramble together a decent set up and here's how my side of the table turned out..

I found an peculiar little doll bed frame that turned out to be perfect for displaying my printed Fat quarters. A little bit of spray paint later, it was ready to go.

 photo P1040461_zps49b63619.jpg

I also scored the most awesome business card holder at the same thrift store that was completely made for me.

 photo Untitled-1-9_zpse9b132dd.jpg

(I'm not sure what the pink theme is all about. I am so not a "pink" girl but it keeps turning up!...Oh well, I kind of like it.....a little.)

And a close up of my Fat quarters all laid out. About half of them are brand new and will start popping up in my etsy shop as soon as I can get a moment to get all the pictures organized and get listings made.

 photo 945897_10151577645250095_1979995083_n_zpscf4e20c4.jpg

I have more screen printing plans in the future, with ambitions for multi-layered prints!! Let's see how ambitious I can get. =)

1 comment:

  1. Great find for the Swan Card Holder!
    Nice set up too!
    I went to a Craft Show in Minneapolis last weekend and was so in love with not only the items for sell, but the booths themselves.
    I love it when people get clever,
    and you are certainly clever!!!


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