Monday, August 5, 2013

New bags and stuff

Still working on the game of Thrones bag; almost done, just need to sew up a lining and handle. In the meantime I put a whole slew of new bags and FQs in my etsy shop!

 photo P1050050_zps7d76f06d.jpg

 photo P1050053_zpse57a9de7.jpg

 photo P1050121_zps646fe2c0.jpg

 photo P1050126_zpsa38b39dc.jpg

 photo P1050127_zps8f7e00fd.jpg

 photo P1050081_zps45d7adc8.jpg

 photo P1050080_zps15103e9c.jpg

 photo P1050069_zps08f9ac23.jpg

 photo P1050115_zps8b00b02d.jpg

 photo P1050109_zpsf2911dea.jpg

 photo P1050104_zps73d74e98.jpg

 photo P1050059_zps64cf5ba1.jpg

Check out my shop for even more pictures!

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