Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation Time!

I've been on vacation all week and it has been pretty awesome. Unfortunately I couldn't plan a trip to get away but my week has filled up pretty nicely with fun outings with friends and family, and the oh-so necessary chores and errands that I put off most days.

Monday was a chore day, and it was just as well since it was downpouring all day. I got the oil changed in my car, did some grocery shopping and then came home and tried to make some more progress on a project that as of yet cannot be revealed. But I did take some pictures of some doodles I was playing with - normally when I sketch I do it in pencil so I can erase mistakes as I go, but I wanted to try something that was a little less forgiving so I went with actually wasn't too horrible.

Randomness growing from randomness.

 photo P1050177_zps96d6de8b.jpg

I am quite horrible at drawing hair still...

 photo P1050178_zpse09df6f4.jpg

 photo P1050176_zpsf560f484.jpg

And a few patches I can share that I'm pretty excited about. I'm playing a lot more with applique and layering of different materials. They're turning out a lot more complex and time consuming than my regular patches but I like it....I am wondering how well it'll integrate into my usual designs but we'll see.

 photo P1050180_zps42485fbf.jpg

 photo P1050179_zps2cb22f93.jpg

 photo P1050182_zpsac5fb256.jpg

I hope to start on some sketches for this year's Christmas'll be fun and unusual of course. I want to try to challenge myself to at least a 4 layer lino print so the planning for that will be challenging...and there's the extra challenge of trying to keep it within a 2 x 2 inch format just because I like making things harder for myself haha. Wish me luck on that.


  1. I am so in love with the Doxie patch!! They look a lot like my pup! :)

  2. Love the sketches!
    What kind of pen do you like?

    1. I think this was a crayola felt marker I got at some craft store for cheap, nothing too special haha.


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