Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm still kicking!

Merry Christmas, well wishes, happy new year and all that junk! The holiday season is just about up and all of that Christmas crafting is put on hold until next year. I did manage to cobble together an ugly Christmas sweater as mentioned in my last post but sadly it was a bit of a last minute effort...I am a bit disappointed in myself to be honest - I can sometimes be crippled with an overabundance of enthusiasm that burns out quickly into boredom and a lack of's a weird cycle I know. In any case, I'll share pictures once I get the sweater back home - I am proud to say it does light up at least!

Now I'm trying to get refocused on my etsy shop and of course that means major bag production. I am in the beginning stages of making a whole slew of fandom themed bags, including Doctor Who and Harry potter of course - but expanding out! Some I've done before, and a couple whole new fandoms! So far I've filled up an entire tote bag with patches waiting to be embellished and I've still got more to stuff before I got to the next phase. I'm pretty psyched though! It'll be a while before they're done but it's all starting now.

I also wanted to share that I've accomplished a major goal this year and it is in part thanks to all my awesome lovely customers and fans. I have managed to pay off all my student loans in just a year and a half of graduating school!! I am seriously enjoying having that monkey off my back.

I hope in the new year to add a bunch of new items to my shop, and have my most productive year yet! Thanks everyone

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