Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doodle time

I told a friend from school I'd help her out with a small project a while back. She wanted people to make boobs, as many boobs in as many forms and medias as possible. She has a cousin who recently underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer and wanted to cheer her up with a flood of boobs in the mail. I had to help out.

Originally I wanted to do something more dimensional, maybe crocheted or some sort fiber art, but in the end I sat down with some watercolor paper and a pen and started sketching...and it was fun.

I have to be in the right mood to really make anything decent but I really like what I came up with.

This red one was started with an exercise I learned in my life drawing class, where you never look down at your paper as you're drawing. It made such an awesome organic unusual shapes, I almost am sad to see it go. I did look down from time to time but most of the outlines (not the shading) were done without looking.

EDIT: Apparently this picture is too graphic for Photobucket so they won't host it...yeah right. Do you know how many boobs appear in great art?? Anyway...
EDITEDIT: Craftster is wayyy cooler and I was able to upload the picture there. Here's a link to follow it since it won't connect the photo to the blog proper.

The yellow one is a bit more humorous. I saw a picture of some mountains and thought hey, those could be boobs...Not as great technically but I think it'd probably cheer her friend up.


I should really do some more drawing.


  1. Awe, I'm sad to see the first one has been removed! I would have loved to see it! Love the second one!

  2. I saw the red one when it was first up here and I have to disagree, I actually think the second one is more obviously boobs. Loved the red one though

  3. thank you for postingit to c-ster and linking it!! It's fabulous.


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