Friday, January 31, 2014

Pretty Baubles Round your Neck

Still working on the bags. Almost done with phase 2 (making all the individual patches). After today I think I'll move on to the initial stages of assembly! It's pretty exciting though I must admit I'm kind of itching to move on to a different project. But I'll keep with it til they're done and then take a break. In any case, here's some stuff I made before I started to tackle this beast of a project.

More baubles all for me. Simplicity can be beauty.
 photo P1050533_zps0cc40b26.jpg photo P1050544_zpsff03635c.jpg photo P1050537_zps431fb14c.jpg

This one is special as all the beads were in my stash for a long time. I loved them so much but never knew quite how to use them to really show off their beauty...until now.
 photo P1050540_zps1a8c4d4f.jpg

This is another one that has special meaning to me. The focal pendant is recycled from some beautifully hideous earrings that my mom had forever. On my last visit home she gave them to me but there was no way I was actually going to wear them as earrings (not to mention as earrings they are ridiculously heavy). So I snipped the post off the back off one of the earrings and glued on a lovely brass filigree piece and then put this together. I do love the asymmetry of it.
 photo P1050542_zps7e3eee23.jpg

Beads are fun....when you're not dropping and losing them...or spilling them. Haha.

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