Friday, March 23, 2012

An award! Me?

The super sweet Marika from Marika Makes nominated me for the Liebster Blog award - my first! If you haven't seen her blog, check it out - she makes daily art featuring birds! I love the variety and sheer fun she puts into her work. I wish I had that sort of energy.

Here are the 5 blogs I am nominating for this award! In no particular order...

1. Onyxnox from My stuff, my life: This blogger makes beautiful artwork, oftentimes in mini bead sculptures! Oh my eyes hurt but she is amazing!

2. Belladune from SpinHeartSpin: I have fallen in love with fibery goodness over the last few years and this woman is amazing. She is going through a master spinner's course and is educating me along with it. And providing plenty of fiber porn free of charge =D

3. Jennie over at The Quilt List: This crafty lady has a way with beads, baubles, and fabric. Check out her amazing loaded charm bracelets, shiny!

4. TroubleT at The Trouble with Crafting: I love a blog that feels like my mom is writing it. And TroubleT does that! Good advice, and lots of awesome crafty tutorials. Check her out!

5. Trekky from Trekky Gets Crafty: Knitting is not something I have ever been able to master, but I love seeing other people's awesomeness. Trekky is one of those people! Check out her fiber!

Ok so onto the rules!

The Three Rules of Liebster:

1. Choose FIVE UP AND COMING blogs with less than 200 followers to pass the award onto.
2. Show a BIG THANKS to the blogger who gave the award to you by linking back to them.
3. Post the AWARD on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their site.

Now go check them out!


  1. Congrats!! So well deserved. Your blog rocks. Great tips on the other blogs too. Those are some of my faves as well ;).

  2. :o ! me? You nominate me!? Thank you!! I'll have to get it all together and come up with just 5! Thank you!!
    Also, congratualtions! you totally deserve it! I'll be off to check out those blogs you've shared. They sound great!

  3. Thanks for nominating me too :D I'll also have to check out those blogs, and pay it forward too!


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