Thursday, March 8, 2012

Exciting news!!!

Being in my final semester of school before graduating, I feel more of a need now, more than before to really try to submit some of my work to local shows just to see what happens.....cut to: I submitted a few pieces to a show going on at my school called Women of Art and got 2 pieces in!! This will be the first art show I've ever been in and while it's a relatively small show, I'm still very excited.

Here are the pieces that got in!

"Valley" - just have it be known that I am rubbish when it comes to titles, but it works.




Both have to do with an ongoing theme I've been exploring in printmaking about derelict technology and how that relates to self-worth and value in society where it is common to replace things over and over again when it's not necessary....a bit obscure but take what you will.



  1. Gratz! that's awesome that your art will be seen! I love those both.

  2. I told you this on Facebook, but to reiterate- I'm SO proud of you!! And not at all surprised... because you're an amazingly talented artist.

    Also... I can't wait for your classes to be over so we can hang out more. :)

  3. Nicole - Yes! We will definitely hang out more once I'm done with school.


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